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Hello all name is Sean. I am a big Danny Elfmen fan (mabe not big but a good enough fan) I have always been into his work though out my life.
The first ever film score I bought when I was 8yrs old was BATMAN. The score was and still is amazing! When I listen to the score I see the film and live it though the music. Then Batman Returns came out and I picked that up. A good score but not as good as Batman! Yrs later when POTA came out before I went to college I saw the film and my mom said to me I bet you will get the score! Well she was right I bought the score. A few great tunes and some awsome action cues. The MIB theme was also awsome! Then Danny left my life in scores and I moved onto something eles in music. But it was not till this year I had gotten back into Danny's music then ever before! I was getting into the Spider-man 2 Hype! So I had to pick up all 4 spider-man cds (2 Scores, 2 Inspired By) This is going to sound so well dumb but every now and again a film can come into someones life and you love every moment of it even the opening credits. Now at age 23 When the opening credits came on from Spider-Man 2 on opening day I started to kind of laugh (but a very happy one and with tears flowing because I was so into the music and it got me all hyped up) So though out the film the music was so awsome I had tears though out the film. I don't know about you but Elfman's Music makes you wanna fly though the air of NYC and makes you feel inportant or going into battle. Thats how I felt the 3 times I saw Spider-man 2 3 times in the theater in a month. I even got the HULK score bc it had a bit of a Spider-man Feel to it. The music makes you wanna turn into the hulk (the opening at least) And yesterday I picked up NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS DVD and SCORE!
So the Elfman stuff I have are
-Batman Returns
-Beetlejuice (DVD score)
-Edaward Sicorhands (DVD Score)
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Spiderman 1
-Spiderman 2
-Theme to Fable
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