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Music For a Darkened Theater's Journal

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  2007.01.21  14.40
1980 EP 10" vs. 12"

I'd like to buy a copy of Oingo Boingo's 1980 EP, but I've found a few blurbs on various websites stating that some of the versions of the recordings (most notably Ain't This the Life) are different on the 10" and 12".

Can anyone describe how, exactly, the tracks are different?

Hell. Maybe I should just get both ;)

Thanks in advance!

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  2006.08.30  13.56
Only $10 - Richard Elfman appearing in NYC this Saturday, Special Forbidden Zone Screening

This Saturday during the Drop Dead Festival, there will be a screening of the cult favorite film "Forbidden Zone" with an in-person Q-and-A session with direcor Richard Elfman. The screening will take place from 3 to 7 PM on Saturday, September 2 at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

"Forbidden Zone" is a must-see for fans of Oingo Boingo and cult cinema alike. After the screening, director Richard Elfman will be on-hand to discuss the film and sign "Forbidden Zone" DVDs which will be available for sale.

Also featured will be a performance by Loto Ball and a screening of a documentary on the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.

Tickets for the screening alone are $10 and space is limited! Tickets are available at the Knitting Factory New York box office or through TicketWeb at their website.

Passes to the screening are also included in VIP ticket packages for Drop Dead Festival, America's largest deathrock, goth, and psychobilly music festival.

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  2006.08.28  12.57
Film Composers Keep Their Composure

Recent Danny Elfman interview on KCRW


Enjoy. :)

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  2006.08.13  23.03
Forbidden Zone Screening with RICHARD ELFMAN IN PERSON IN NYC!

I don't know if any of you guys have heard about this, but I think you'll appreciate this info...

There will be a special screening of Forbidden Zone in NYC at Drop Dead Festival on Sunday September 2nd, and Richard Elfman will be there IN PERSON! He'll be guest speaking and doing a Q&A... he'll also be selling dvds of the film, as well as doing signings.

It's an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity... there are tickets still available for the festival here...!

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  2005.09.30  16.38
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Sheet Music

Normally, since I am not an active member of this community, I would not request your help.

BUT! I need to find a song.

Tim Burton's
The Nightmare Before Christmas
arr. Alan Billingsley

We are wanting to put this on our Christmas concert. If anyone has it/knows where I can get it, email me at lonelycheese15@gmail.com.

ALL help is appreciated and shall be rewarded in anyway possible.


  2005.08.26  13.03
new Elfman

If u go to the corpes bride site u can listen to samples of the new music!

the album is at amazon for $15 sept 20. only 4 songss though


  2005.08.23  22.29
Quite shameless promotion.

Hello :)

I would like to rather shamelessly promote a community I have been made a maintainer of just today *flattered*

It is called oingoboingofans, and welcomes, of course, all discussion about Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman. You're free to post anything about the band or individual members - pictures, scans of autographs, essays about why you like them, articles about when you met them, fanfiction and fanart, discussion about films that were scored by Danny Elfman.
Membership is open, posting unscreened, however, manners and common sense are obligatory.

Maintainers are elfman_is_god and myself, jacquesmoineau.

Join, if you like, by clicking here.

And enjoy :)

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  2005.06.06  09.29
this kind of has something do with Elfman well kind of you be the judge

I sure did have high hopes for the batman begins SCORE but sad to say i am let down. most of it is just quiet and slow. only like 2 action songs. The action songs are done by Hanz Zimmer and the rest are done by James N. Howard. From what i can tell is it has not direct theme like Elfman's score. No theme to say "Batman is here!" I have heard about 40 min worth of the score already.


  2005.06.05  15.29

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


  2005.06.01  11.22
An Elfmen Gem

I have loved this film all my life new and old. I had always wondered if they would bring this out to cd when the film came out in 1998. The inspired by cd had 3 tracks of score. I seem to pick up this score alot - to see if everything is okay, tempos and what not. Since I know this film with my eyes closed. I was so pleased to pick this up in a record shop back in 99 and now its out of print....I think it is? Its Danny Elfmen's re-work of Bernard Herman's "Psycho"

In other News this is the cover for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Score


  2005.05.01  12.26
Scissorhands and Elfman shirt auctions

Hi! I just wanted you all to know that I have Edward Scissorhands and Danny Elfman shirts up for auction. I thought you guys might be interested. : )

I really didn’t want to sell them, because I absolutely love the shirts. They’re just way too small for me. Hopefully some of you will be able to wear them! You can view them here:

Edward Scissorhands
Danny Elfman




  2005.04.06  19.36
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" Oggie's Revenge

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


  2005.02.20  13.26
a Dannyload

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Danny and Boingo pics ^_^



you're so macho when you're with your bitchCollapse )

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  2005.02.14  19.31
check out this bad boy

Forgive me, dear friends. I just can't get over the way Danny looks with eye makeup on. That would be, of course, fabulous.

Case in point:

SO sexy.


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  2005.01.26  15.15

I have a problem. I've been reading up on Danny bios forEVER and I can't find any "real" information. I'm not looking for filmographies, birthplace, mother's maiden name, etc. I want to know real stories...like, what's up with the "grey sweater" during POTA recording sessions? What is the official Richard Elfman site? When did he get malaria? How many kids does he have, and how long has he been married in both his marriages to Caroline Thompson and Bridget Fonda?
I haven't found a site like this yet, but so many people know this stuff already, there's GOT to be one somewhere.
X-posted, PLEASE help. I'm in Danny denial.


  2004.12.15  17.43
APOCALIPSTICK meets The Forbidden Zone *this Saturday*

Saturday, December 18th, 2004
California Institute Abnormal Arts (C.I.A.)
11334 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601-2441
(818) 506-6353
10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
18+, $10
Art by Ed Mironiuk
Sponsored by Black Rose Floral Company

Lenora Claire presents APOCALIPSTICK (North Hollywood, CA. May 22nd, 2004)-LENORA CLAIRE presents the fourth installment of her surrealistic cabaret, APOCALIPSTICK, at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts. Apocalipstick is the place for all Obscenesters and Maximalists, where the worlds of sideshow, the avant garde, drag and underground film collide. The Apocalipstick All-Stars drop their glitter bomb on the world with their ideas, their music and their love of performance art. This is a very special Apocalipstick, as it’s a tribute to RICHARD ELFMAN’S cult classic THE FORBIDDEN ZONE. Director RICHARD ELFMAN will be on hand to do a Q&A about the film as well as sign the recently released DVD. EGO PLUM’S EBOLA MUSIC ORCHESTRA and STOLEN BABIES will be performing musical tributes to the soundtrack Danny Elfman made famous. Artist GIDGET GEIN (formerly of Marilyn Manson) will be premiering art based on the film. We’re also very proud to feature FX master GRAY CREASY’S ZOMBURBIA. Also featuring the final performance by Senor Stretchy Skin as well as The Whipbat Boy. DJ Noah K spins your favorite wacky tunes all night long. Other features and surprise performances to be announced.
Contact Lenora Claire at redordeadlenora@aol.com for more information.


  2004.12.11  10.44
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory



  2004.11.08  15.22

Credit, comment, no hotlinking. Yattaya.

Rock on. <3 


  2004.11.01  12.39

Hello all name is Sean. I am a big Danny Elfmen fan (mabe not big but a good enough fan) I have always been into his work though out my life.
The first ever film score I bought when I was 8yrs old was BATMAN. The score was and still is amazing! When I listen to the score I see the film and live it though the music. Then Batman Returns came out and I picked that up. A good score but not as good as Batman! Yrs later when POTA came out before I went to college I saw the film and my mom said to me I bet you will get the score! Well she was right I bought the score. A few great tunes and some awsome action cues. The MIB theme was also awsome! Then Danny left my life in scores and I moved onto something eles in music. But it was not till this year I had gotten back into Danny's music then ever before! I was getting into the Spider-man 2 Hype! So I had to pick up all 4 spider-man cds (2 Scores, 2 Inspired By) This is going to sound so well dumb but every now and again a film can come into someones life and you love every moment of it even the opening credits. Now at age 23 When the opening credits came on from Spider-Man 2 on opening day I started to kind of laugh (but a very happy one and with tears flowing because I was so into the music and it got me all hyped up) So though out the film the music was so awsome I had tears though out the film. I don't know about you but Elfman's Music makes you wanna fly though the air of NYC and makes you feel inportant or going into battle. Thats how I felt the 3 times I saw Spider-man 2 3 times in the theater in a month. I even got the HULK score bc it had a bit of a Spider-man Feel to it. The music makes you wanna turn into the hulk (the opening at least) And yesterday I picked up NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS DVD and SCORE!
So the Elfman stuff I have are
-Batman Returns
-Beetlejuice (DVD score)
-Edaward Sicorhands (DVD Score)
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Spiderman 1
-Spiderman 2
-Theme to Fable


  2004.09.20  08.37
Making Christmas, Making christmas....

I saw this and thought that it was about time there was a posting in here...


>>Jack's Back: Nightmare Before Christmas screenings

For those who enjoy watching movies the real way (in a theater) Disney will have screenings of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas from October 28-31 at its own El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA.




Also, They are most likely showing it in one of the theaters of North Carolina School of the Arts (in Winston-Salem). I go to school there and they show it every year around Halloween.


I also heard that Danny Elfman is going to sing the oompa Loopma song in Willy Wonka. He has such a wonderful voice! I'm looking forward to that....


  2004.08.23  00.57

hate to post this in bold and what not...but..umm...

as I just found out today...


you know its worth it if the AMG give it one star!!!

I LOVE this film...line for line I know it. ^_^!!
sorry for double post

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  2004.08.19  00.38
Hey, whaddaya say, show me yours, I'll show you mine...

I downloaded "Change". Danny was either having one of those moments of superbly insane genius, or he took a lot of drugs before/while he wrote/performed it.

Either way, nicely done Daniel.

two posts in one day. oh wow!

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  2004.08.17  22.18

I just noticed this community is really...dead.

But hey, I love Danny, and there aren't a lot of communities just for him.

Oingo Boingo is my favorite band and I'm pretty damn obsessed with Danny Elfman. He's simply incredible...but you all know that.

This is me o.O


  2004.07.21  10.22
Danny Elfman, genius extraordinare

I've always loved Tim Burton's films, after a while I noticed certain name repeated itself over and over on the credits of such: DANNY ELFMAN, the music this man composes is so beautiful and emotional it is very hard for me to describe it, it is just gorgeous. (Like himself, which is offtopic), but sincerely he is the most creative film composer out there, his mind is extraordinary, besides his past is awesome; The rock band, the tattoos, the Mystic Knights, going to France and Africa, getting Malaria, his JuJu Collection, he is unique... Beautiful music, Danny.

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  2004.05.29  17.44

Happy Birthday, Danny!

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